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Silver Bullet Foreign Trust

Asset Protection, Private Banking, Protection from Lawsuits, Seizures, High Taxes


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Crypto Millionaire´s life on the Private Side

Who Qualifies?

Business Owners

Online Business Owners

Home Owners


Protect their legacy

Protect their Companies, 

Protection from Divorce, 

High Taxes


Digital Nomads


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Trust Checking



Asset Protection


Check out my book on How to Become a Secured Creditor from Lulu Here

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This information is extremely valuable to the Secured Creditor & Foreign Agent who actually understands this work entirely. For a Security Agreement being prepared correctly and the UCC it can be very costly up to $50,000! With this book you are saving thousands with this PRICELESS INFORMATION It is this powerful information within these pages which saved me from Child Support Abuse also saving me hundreds of thousands of dollars and also getting my passport back. What is your freedom worth to you?


🔥Are you tired of living in constant fear of having your valuable assets taken from you?

🔥Such as your House, Cars, Gold, Silver, Your Kids, Including you, -Bank Accounts, Your Companies, LLCs Shut down?

🔥Is your high tax bill threatening your wellbeing, preventing you from freely enjoying your work, your business and allowing your creativity to soar? So you can make more money?

🔥Are you sick of legal issues, lawsuits, and fear that all of your cherished valuables will be removed if the other party won?

🔥Are you dealing with other heavy court issues, such as Child Support, Liens, Levys, Credit Card debt?

🔥Are you being threatend to go to prison for unpaid debt?

🔥Do you want to keep your money safe in a bank account that will not be taxed?

🔥Are you wanting to renounce your US Citizenship to get out of having to pay very high taxes? Hoping another country will accept you where you can live a tax free existence?

🔥What if I told you as an American you don´t have to renounce your citizenship once you change your status to the private side. 🔥This can help you as its helped me and thousands of our other students who have freed themselves from the plantation. We are here to serve those who are wanting to protect themselves their money, family from the gestapo from breathing down your neck wanting to drain the life out of you and your wealth. If you are one of these folks whose been through the lawyers, the courts, and haven´t received any remedy for your situation, then Becoming A Secured Creditor will protect you! I show you how to properly fill in your UCC and file it with Maryland which is where countries all over the world file through where the True lien is. It doesn´t matter which state or country your from. Templates for the Security Agreement, the Power of Attorney General, and other documents that will be added to your Secured Creditor Package and sent to Puerto Rico.

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