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  • Dr. Druanna Wails

Did you know that 5 Billionaires Bought the US Corporation in 1927? More about the Foreign Trust

This podcast will blow your mind! I start off with an article i read and on how 5 billionaires bought USA in 1927, to where Maritime Law might have come from, all the way back to the Anunnaki, the Atlantean Thoth & the war between the two brothers Enki and Enlil & more explaination on why it is so important to have your own foreign trust and be the executor of it!!! Fact Checkers will lie to say this isnt the truth of the 5 billionaires. They don´t want you to know. They also don´t want you to know that the USA Inc was created in 1827 too.

All of the truth is coming out.

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Listen to this very important Podcast! the Truth about how the USA is a Corporation! 70 minutes of very hardcore information you will not find anywhere else. Enjoy!

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Kamau Kamau
Kamau Kamau
Jun 02

Dear Dr. Druanna Wails,

Thank you for being you! I needed this!

This is the very best Podcast, ( to date), that I have listened too. You put the pieces of the puzzle together!

Plus, I'm a hugh admirer of Billy Carson.


Much Love,


( I will be seeing you this week for your Trust class)

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