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  • Dr. Druanna Wails

Silver Bullet, Living, and Business Trust May Webinar!

May 10th, 11th, 17th 18th 7pm Mexico City Time on Zoom. All sessions will be recorded

We are having a Live 4 Day Webinar in May. I will be teaching you how to put your Silver Bullet Trust or Business Trust with Living Trust together! If you are getting the Silver Bullet Foreign Trust you will also receive the Living Domestic Trust with it! This is Brand New! For a good reason. If you are opting for the Business Foreign Trust, you will also get a Domestic Business Trust along with it. With your Foreign Trusts you can control your domestic trusts from behind the scenes so it can maintain its privacy as well. The only agency that will know anything about your Foreign Trust is the IRS! Price is $2000 until May 1st. After it goes back up to $3000. You will still way more bang for your buck as Silver Bullet Foreign Trust and Business Trust Value at $10,000 each plus you get the extra goodies along with your classes recorded and you gain entrance into our VIP group and the Inner Circle who will help you with your Debt Needs!

Day 1 I will go over how to properly fill in the SS4 to get your 98 ein and Courtesy letter from the IRS. You can apply for your Global Virtual office with my contact out of the Canary Islands which is needed for your 98. This cost is separate and ranges from 300 euros for 6 months or more.  

Day 2 We will go over on how to transmute that dead thing known as the Social Security number into an Estate number. This is called Killing the Ssn.

This is not terminating the SSN. Not the same thing at all. You are transmuting it into a higher level as the Executor of your own estate! With this new estate number you can create the Living Trust with that so you can open up a Trust Checking account easily at your local bank. This part only applies to the Americans


Day 3 I will go over how to Capture all of your Eins, LLCs, Companies, your ssn, etc using the power of a tax form that will be sent to the IRS. This shows them that 

you know the difference between being an executor of your estate and trust from being a slave that is controlled by the ruling executors over you.  This part only applies to the Americans

Day 4 How to do a discharge on certain judgements, courtcases, etc. How to put a stop to any other agencies abuse. I show you how I was able to put a stop to Child Support and the method I used. This part only applies to the Americans

Contact Dr. Druanna Wails at if you have any questions and payment instructions


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