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  • Dr. Druanna Wails

Are you a Us Citizen or an American Indigenous? What´s the Difference?

Did you know that there is a huge difference between being a Us Citizen or an American Indigenous? According to the Black´s Law Dictionary 7th Edition states that a person is an artificial corporation. Therefore this person you claim to be is also a US Citizen which is an employee of the USA INC. Meaning you are considered a walking corporation and slave for a Corporation Not a Country. Once you actually know the difference you are then qualified to operate privately using the power of our Silver Bullet Trust which is Foreign and Elite. The ein number tied to this trust is the 98 and the Trust documents are over 30 pages long.

By understanding that you are NOT a walking Corporation, a US person, that is subjugated to taxation, and instead claim to be the living sentient being and indigenous on the land, you know the difference, and can claim yourself as such! An American Indigenous. This is how I defeated Child Support and my vindictive ex-husband by knowing the difference. That I have alot of power as an elite myself as well as the executrix of my own Estate, of the Trust that I created.

I was able to drop charges against me due to this fact that they were no longer dealing with one of their slaves who bought into claiming to be an artficial person or corporate entity. I instead raised my position as an American Indigenous of the land who was born on the soil, a flesh and blood human being who is not a corporate slave.

By creating this Foreign Trust with the help of the IRS I received my FOREIGN EIN and used that along with my trust to eliminate child support.

If this info vibes with you, and you wish to protect your family, your home, your money, everything you`ve worked hard for, then the Silver Bullet Trust holds the maximum protection and security over your assets. Grab our free ebook to learn more at


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