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  • Dr. Druanna Wails

Silver Bullet Trust gives Ironclad protection

Updated: Apr 18

I explain why I've been doing this work for thirteen years! To first put a stop to child support and the abuse of a vindictive ex and also to put a stop to these corrupt fictional agencies! I won many years ago! Did you know they are using Bitcoin to make way for their CBDCs? Cashless Society? Its time to wake up and take action Now! Learn the difference between being a 14th amendment artificial corporate citizen to being a Foreign Agent.

This powerful trust will protect you, your family and the things you worked hard for such as your assets, your bank account and change your status from being a debtor on the plantation to the executor of your estate. The Government has been monetizing off of your name and birth certificate since HJR 192 was executed by Franklin D Roosevelt to seize the gold from the american people in exchange for fake FRN notes we are using today which has no solid gold back up. The Dollar was taken off of the gold standard with Nixon back in 1971. I explain everthing in this video.

Cbdcs are coming because its been planned for fifty years and are using bitcoin to usher in their new cashless society.

"People Have NO IDEA What's Happening " - Edward Snowden Bitcoin Interview



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