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  • Dr. Druanna Wails

What Can the Silver Bullet Trust do?

Welcome to our brand new site catering to those who wish to protect their assets, money, businesses and other trusts for real bullet proof protection!

Welcome to our site! We help our clients give them the full protection that they need in utilizing what we call the Silver Bullet Trust. It is a Foreign grantor and Irrevocable trust which gives it that iron clad protection against seizures, lawsuits, high taxes, and your businesses and other domestic trusts.

What sets this trust apart from other domestic trusts, it pulls you out of the jurisdiction of the country you’re living in where you can’t be challenged.

The judge would actually have to fly to that country to challenge you which is impossible.

I’m order to understand this trust to its entirety please read the Free Be Bullet Proof ebook below 👇 to learn more!

I have used this Trust to run and protect my business from high taxes especially for many years.

This Silver Bullet Trust puts you in the private side and also changes your status from being a debtor slave of the plantation to being the executor of your own estate. This brings you to a higher bracket.

Many years ago I used this same trust to put a stop to a ruthless exhusbands abuse as well as child support. He didn’t need the money. He did this because of his vindictive nature.

So you’re probably asking yourself, how can this trust do this? Well it goes way back to the Unam Sanctum trust back in the 1300s when Pope Bonafice the eighth decided to use this trust to control all humans and animals on this planet as their agriculture.

Years later in 1933 when the United States went bankrupt Franklin D Roosevelt issued the Executive order to strip the Americans from their wealth, all of their gold in exchange for funny federal reserve notes that are actually foreign to the USA inc and printed and issued from Puerto Rico.

With this money, Americans could no longer pay debt off. This is when the HJR 192 was enacted which I go further into in my book below.

In order to understand and appreciate what this Silver Bullet Trust can do for you, it is advisable to read this ebook first!

With this power you can also sue other foreign entities running the country using this Elite Trust for protection purposes.

In our inner circle ⭕️ they help those with this trust to also wipe out 100s of thousands of dollars worth of major debt issues also.

Go to the front page and fill in your contact info to receive your free Be Bullet Proof Ebook

Here is another Powerful Presentation of what the Silver Bullet Trust Can do!


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